5 Tips To Save For A Down Payment Without The Hassle

Economy expert Tommy Sibiga shared with Latin Times five helpful tips on how to save money for your down payment without headaches. According to Sibiga, a great target is to get to 20% down but there are loan options all the way down to $0 down. If you have started to make some strides on your… Read more

8 things your plumber won’t tell you that could save you big bucks

Plumbing problems can be some of the most expensive and unpredictable situations that can occur in your home. But they don’t have to be. Here’s some advice from plumbers about ways you can save money before calling them out to help! Read more: 4 solutions to common water problems 8 secret tips from plumbers that can… Read more

These 7 credit cards have the most potential fees

If you have the wrong credit card in your wallet, avoiding pesky fees can be a lot harder than you realize! Now, a new CreditCards.com analysis of 100 popular general-purpose cards has found the average credit card charges six potential fees — and some have double that! The 100 surveyed cards levy a total of 591… Read more

The best cell phone plans for seniors

As the number of candles on your birthday cake increase, so do the deals and discounts! Generally, money expert Clark Howard recommends Republic Wireless or Sprint as the best cell phone carrier deals for one person, or T-Mobile or Sprint for families. However, if you’re in your golden years, you might be able to save even… Read more

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