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10 ways homeowners waste money — and how not to

What do you do when your monthly budget for home expenses doesn’t leave much for your savings plan? How about when some of those expenses start creeping up a few dollars here and there, but your income hasn’t budged? Perhaps worst of all, how can you avoid astronomical repair or replacement bills when home components fail?… Read more

You don’t need to be a pro to sell your photos online

Earn a little cash from stock photography websites. Put your pictures in front of an audience. Felix Russell-Saw via Unsplash If you have a passion for photography, you don’t have to wait for your big break. While you work on your craft, you can earn money by selling your pictures on stock photo sites. This is… Read more

Why your credit score could see a 30-point boost on April 16

We have some good news if you’re had tax troubles in the past. The three main credit bureaus will remove all tax lien data from their records in mid-April 2018, bringing to a conclusion a process of removing certain negative data from consumer credit files that first began last year. RELATED: Want to monitor your credit?… Read more

How to create a will online for FREE in just 5 minutes

For years, money expert Clark Howard has tried to drive home his listeners and readers of the importance of having a last will and testament. He’s recommended and WillMaker software from Both are cheaper online alternatives to the traditional process of sitting down with a paid lawyer to draw up your will — but… Read more

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Do you still have to pay your debts if they’re sold to a collections agency?

The number of Americans in debt, especially due to credit card use, continues to be dangerously high. A confluence of factors — including rising prices, stagnant wages, mounting medical bills and overspending — may all play a role in why so many people are in the red. The good news is that untold numbers of consumers… Read more

Holy matrimony! Members of wedding parties spend up to $1,000 on average, study says

Scenario: One of your best friends has popped the question. Not to their significant other – to you. They want you to be in their wedding. While you may be ecstatic initially, by the time the euphoria wears off, you may be out some serious cash. That’s because a new report says that members of… Read more

How to turn your old CDs, DVDs and games into cash!

It’s spring cleaning time and if you’ve got old CDs, DVDs, video games and tech gadgets laying around, there’s an easy way for you to turn them into cash! RELATED: How to make extra money from stuff that others throw away Declutter your home and get paid with Decluttr! If you’re looking to make a little… Read more

Just announced: Under Armour data breach affects 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts

Under Armour is notifying users of its MyFitnessPal food and nutrition app about a data security breach. The company said its MyFitnessPal team learned on March 25 that an unauthorized party acquired data associated with MyFitnessPal user accounts in late February 2018. RELATED: Credit Freeze Guide: The best way to protect yourself against identity theft MyFitnessPal… Read more

Coming Soon: Save Up To 50 Percent Online, 90 Percent In-App with Coupon During Expedia’s Semi-Annual Sale on April 20

Download the Expedia app today to gain access to exclusive deals on flight + nights, hotels, activities, and more BELLEVUE, Wash., April 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — With the sun setting on spring break it’s now time to start thinking about summer vacations. For travelers looking to get a head start and save,® is revealing details… Read more

Tax Day 2018: Here are some last-minute tips

With just days left to go, the 2018 tax season is officially nearing its end. Whether you’ve hired a tax preparer or filed them yourself, in a short while you won’t have to worry about IRS forms and itemized deductions again until next year (unless you file for an extension). With the tax-filing deadline set for… Read more

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